I live in the dark

I live in the dark

By, Brandy

It’s quiet

Not a lot of people around

No light but the moon

It’s always calm and peaceful

Same time I sit and wish I can keep this feeling inside of me.

Because inside of me I am in the dark

The nightmare is wearing me down

Used to be the same two over and over again

One that happened to me in the past and the Second is burning alive but now I been having a new one that started 4 weeks ago.

I don’t know where I am but I see stone everywhere my kids and someone else kid but all I cared about is getting to him.

Why him? Who kid? Why do I here explosion?

Things am tilling myself in the dream.

Why he put us here and why did I listen?

I need to be out there?

I need to help him?

He side to stay here?

I can’t live the kids?

I be in his way?

But what if he is hurt?

Or what if he is …..

And then I wake up crying for him


Author: brandy222

I am in my 30 with the best kids a mother can ask for. I love all kinda of art and making it to. I have Chiari Malformation that I will say a little about in my blog but the blog is for more about art.

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