First blog post

This is the post excerpt.


Will I don’t know where to start or if I’m even doing the blog right. So here we go with this way.

I am in my 30. Art been and alway be my passion in life. Most of my life I been Shutter  from the outsaid word and for same knows it is not a good thing because you know there is  to many Secrets behind the door. I started working before i could walk and never had a lot of fun activities with school friends like going to there birthday partys or school dance we had to work. School, home, work and most of it was work, so I put any free time in drawing it was and still is my happy please. They year I could fondly go to College  should of been the best time of my life to learn more about art was one of the worst time of my life, I started getting sick and the dr.s didn’t know why but it didn’t help because work to my family was more important then my health. Got in a big fight with my grandma around then to not liking about me going to school, she said Autist pore and can’t live with out help and my art will never go anywhere. So I stop and ran from it and ran from my family. 

In 2014 I fondly got the Dialnoshe’s why am been sick. I have Chiari Malformation  and surgery for it in 2015. 

Time to till all the haters to f  you  and do want i love so u will see lot of my work and why I made the picture.

Because she can take it, don’t mean you do it

Because she can take it, don’t mean you do it

By: Brandy

Because she used to pain

Because she used of taking the hard road

Because she is strong and different

Dose not mean you can hit her

Yell at her

Walk all over her

She stronger then you thought

She stronger then what she new

Her pain is her strength

She don’t need people like you

She found herself

And walked away

She will keep walking to

I want to know

I want to know

By: Brandy

I want you to get under my skin

I want to know what butterflies feel like

I want to know what love is

I want it all from you

I want to fall in love again

I want love if it was you

I need the touch from you

The kisses to till me everything ok

I want you to get under my skin

I want to know what butterflies feel like

I want to know what Love is

I want it all from you

Drowning from the inside on out

Drowning from the inside on out


Have you every been pulled under water by someone and they won’t let you go

Hold your breath as long as you could

Water start coming in your nose

Then you start taking it in with your mouth

Couldn’t get lose

Same one came and fight him off

Though that was the horrible experience to go through

Same time when taking a shower or a bath and the water hose up your nose and start to burn and salty taste in the mouth

Same thing you just can’t get over

But drowning from the inside on out is worse then that

Head falling up with what just happened

And then reliving what happened when you where younger

Though things like that can’t happen again

You learn thing to protect yourself

And you did what you was tough

The salty test in your mouth because you are overwhelmed


Don’t want to be alone for it to happen again

Then you feel the burning in your nose

That reminds you that you feel like you are drowning

But it’s different things time

You not in the water

No one is holding you there

You can’t stop the feeling

And you start choking


Need to breath

Need away out



By Brandy

I see you for who you are

Got to know you for you

That is the person I feel for

I don’t try to change you

Make you be same one you not

You are perfect as you are

But you know me for a long time to and at once you finding things you don’t like

Things I will change because it is not a good said of me

Because for you and my family

I can stop and think

Be more calm

Not over react

But and there is a but I don’t mine making changing that is life and part of growing just never ask me to throw my dreams away.