First blog post

This is the post excerpt.

Will I don’t know where to start or if I’m even doing the blog right. So here we go with this way.

I am in my 30. Art been and alway be my passion in life. Most of my life I been Shutter  from the outsaid word and for same knows it is not a good thing because you know there is  to many Secrets behind the door. I started working before i could walk and never had a lot of fun activities with school friends like going to there birthday partys or school dance we had to work. School, home, work and most of it was work, so I put any free time in drawing it was and still is my happy please. They year I could fondly go to College  should of been the best time of my life to learn more about art was one of the worst time of my life, I started getting sick and the dr.s didn’t know why but it didn’t help because work to my family was more important then my health. Got in a big fight with my grandma around then to not liking about me going to school, she said Autist pore and can’t live with out help and my art will never go anywhere. So I stop and ran from it and ran from my family. 

In 2014 I fondly got the Dialnoshe’s why am been sick. I have Chiari Malformation  and surgery for it in 2015. 

Time to till all the haters to f  you  and do want i love so u will see lot of my work and why I made the picture.

We all see love different 

We are see love different                                      I feel there is more then one kind of love. The friendship love, just a girlfriend boyfriend love, commitment  love, love you have with your family, love you have for your kids. It’s is the most wonderful thing to have in your life and the most hardest thing to. But it is like all life you have to work on it so it never goes away and it do goes in and out of your life, friend move, kids grow up. Same people get so broken and run before it goes into a commitment  from not finding the right one but they forget is could  be so close to them and never see.  Love is same thing you fight for not have up on because it is are strengths and our weaknesses  we have to have both to balance out life . You love you friend and they move what to do call them every now and then, text to see what’s up, kids go see them, talk to them best you can and guys fight to keep there girl and the girl fight for your guy but not like a Stockel or to clingy  that’s not love. Talking, working with each other, resume  each other  you love them and don’t say they should know but because when you in love you are jealous  to so it never hurts to so how you care for each other. A commitment is like being each other personal diary , each other bodyguards, dr. and therapist, it’s more then sex  and buying each other thing. 


HeartbreakingI made this picture when I figher out running was not the right thing but I made my bed and I have to sleep in it. Now I found true love that I didn’t believe in I can’t have it. A real lady will alway put there family first and with I grow up with out a mom and dad because they lift us and had my grandparents taking care of us. That I will never do the same to my kids. IMG_0009

Angels can cry to

Angels can cry toI was ask to make this picture for a friend. She wanted pictures that so feeling to till her story to kids at a church she goes to. I kept the the real drawing I made and gave her a print of it. I never ask to hear the story and hope that all work out for her. 
The picture is about what we do can make even a angle cry for us because they want the best for us like we want for are own kids and people we love. 

We all are strong

Wonder Woman been on of my favorite super hero since a kid. Who can not love her? She believe in herself, stand up for what she believes and she can keep herself safe. Every chalons she has she faced it head first even o she was scared at times, 

A lot of us is like her in are own my. Fighting are sickness, like cancer, lupus, Chiari and so on but we fight ever day to live with it and have all kinds of surgery and medication that we really don’t want to take but can’t stand the pain, family fighting or not want to be bothered by anyone but we get up every morning and lie to are self that we can fight it today and be the best we can for the ones we love. We all are strong and a fighter and do what needs done even o we are scared to, 

Alone and Depressed

Most have seen this picture as my Per file. I drew this picture because of my illness that I had to said same about in my blog. I have Chiari malformation  1. It cause lots of pain  more then most don’t understand less you have a chronic illness to. Chiari is a rare disease and only can be found by a MRI. The part of my brain that in my neck  is the part that controls peoples emotion . So you have pain and not able  to control emotions it’s like pms everyday. It also cause brain fog, its like you there talking to same one and you just can’t get the words out even though you know the answer. It mess up your spach, spilling. Same time it’s like you it’s like you spilling like a first grader . But want hurts the most is poeple. They don’t understand and they can say mean things. I didn’t ask for this kind of life and lot of people like me didn’t ask for it either but we have it and trying to be the best we can not just for us but also for the ones we love.